Medically Benefits of Moringa

(Moringa Miracle Plant)
A plant named (Plant of the Century)
The leaves, branches, glue, oil(BERN OIL), fruit seeds and flowers of this plant are use
for the natural treatment of more than 300 diseases.
Is a natural gift for the treatment of- which
Research institutions around the world.
has named superfood
Whose English name is "Moringa", in Urdu it is called "Swanjana".
It is a complete food supplement that can meet all the energy needs..


Its help treat 300 diseases, some of which are as follows:
 High blood pressure
 Diabetes(sugar)
 Kidney stones
 Ulcer
 Stomach pain
 Swelling of different parts of the body
 Boost Immunity
 For Skin Diseases
 For Dryness of hair
 Gum disease
 Stroke
 Insomnia
 Sexual weakness
 Epileptic seizures
 For any type of infection present in the body
 Treatment of snake bite
 Treatment of joint pain
 Hair fall
 There is a special brightness or glowing on the face
 To get rid of depression
 To lose weight
  Use as skin polisher in makeup
 Cleansing the veins
 Relieves fatigue

 Strengthens the heart
 Strengthens muscles
 Helps in digestion
 Strengthens bones
 It is also best for treating cancer symptoms.
 Improves liver function
 Removes weakness of vision
 Its better for patients of anemia
 Solves the problem of constipation

*From the research experience and observation of our
institution, we can say firmly that it heals naturally all

diseases and conditions of human body*

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